2013 Books, to Date

2013 Books, to Date I don’t even know where I got that list from March, but here is my official refrigerator list so far.
1. Flight Behavior, Kingsolver
2. Haunting of Hill House, Jackson
3. Ellen Foster, Gibbons
4. Maniac Megee, Spinelli
5. The Wooden Sea, Carroll
6. Feed, Anderson
7. The Peculiar Sadness of Lemon Cake, Bender
8. The Music of Chance, Auster
9. Republic of Love, Shields
1000 Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, Mitchell cannot get into this though I loved Cloud Atlas and others
10. Gone Girl, Flynn
11. Summerland, Chabon
12. Fault Lines, Huston
13. Goodnight Nobody, Weiner
14. Independence Day, Ford
15. Gone Baby Gone, Lehane
16. How Fiction Works, Wood
17. The Doctor’s Wife, Braddon
18. The Art of Detection, King
19. How Not to Write a Novel, Mittlemark, Newman
20. Absolute Fear, Jackson
21. Grace Paley Collected Stories
22. Lady Audley’s Secret, Braddon
23. Gun Machine, Ellis
24. A Grave Talent, King
25. Bird By Bird, Lamott
26. How to Write Killer Fiction, Wheat
27. Careless in Red, George
A bit light on history & science (as in NONE) but I did read Plato and a Platypus and I’ve got Made to Stick on my reading table. Also, Reinventing Eve, Shrub, and the autobiography of Damien Echols (sp?) of the West Memphis 3. That’s four more for 31 to date. I’m not sure I’m going to make it to 50 this year either.

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