#PitchWars Post-Game

Did you see this tweet a couple days back?


I got picked by Stephanie Scott in PitchWars!!! In preparation for not winning, I had written a short blog post about patience. I talked about the authors’ need for validation, for someone to love them–I mean, love their book. At the same time, I dimly understood that the mentors were looking for books they loved, certainly, but also books that might succeed in the market. Maybe my manuscript had elements that would keep it from succeeding. Maybe the genre wasn’t right for this year.

Winning a writing contest is a powerful boost to the writer’s immune system. A win will keep you warm and cozy for a long time, long enough to push you through your current WIP, long enough to come up with a brilliant new story idea. So if you’re just starting with querying and contests, keep at it! One really complimentary critique or even a few lines of praise erases at least a hundred rejections. I did the math.

And about Stephanie Scott, and what really makes me happy about PitchWars, is that while I was all, I hope someone likes me–I mean, my book–she was looking at pitching and marketing her submissions. I assume all the mentors were doing this. Right here you begin to see the brilliant design of Brenda Drake’s contest. Finding someone who both likes your work AND who wants to find the perfect pitch so you can sell it? It’s genius.

I am so lucky today! I hope that in a few years, I can pay it forward and be a mentor, too. Cheers to the other winners of PitchWars and for the ones practicing patience, may your next contest be the one!

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