Seeing & Thinking Fuzzy — a Photo Essay

I have been a photography enthusiast since I was a teenager, and I love experimental photography. My favorites of my own are abstracts or at least distorted in some way. I haven’t ever really thought why this would be. I recently realized that my writing often has this feature–obliqueness and indirectness.

Looking at things flatly/clearly/plainly just doesn’t do it for me. I like it mysterious, hard to read, hard to interpret.

Here are some pictures I took with a Russian-made medium format camera and nice slow film. Developed myself–no particular care with the timer. Because that’s the fun in it.

kids on bikes
kids on bikes

I like the graininess here. The lines across the top might be power lines, but the ones running across the bottom are probably scratches.

And this one, looking up at the sky. It seems to have been double exposed, but I cannot discern what animal’s curvy leg spreads across the middle.

sky and a sheep
sky and maybe a sheep

Finally, a picture of an immense tree. Overexposed at top, probably when the back of the camera fell open, as it does when the duct tape isn’t pressed tight. The detail on this is very good in closeup despite the deep shadows. A November picture, if I remember correctly.

tree with ladder and plastic chair
tree with plastic stacking chair

to be continued with a photo of a pinhole camera I once made, and a photo from it.

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