Rhetorical questions

About the Friends of America Rally on Labor Day.

Q. If these are the friends of America, who are its enemies?
A. Labor unions, earth scientists, and environmentalists. In other words, anyone who doesn’t love coal!

If I don’t love coal, am I an enemy of America?

Working class anti-unionists in this state need to review the history of the West Virginia mine wars.

The climate change deniers don’t realize the boat has left the docks and they’ll soon be stranded on an island by rising ocean water.

And Mr Blankenship can bitch and moan about outside agitators and tree huggers, but most of the protests of his mining operations are organized by local groups, filled with local citizens, groups like the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, the WV Highlands Conservancy, and Coal River Mountain Watch. That’s because many of them know what kind of company Massey Energy is. For a taste, read this.

By contrast, the so-called Friends of Coal group is nothing but a marketing arm of the coal industry. There are no “members” — just miners wearing their free t-shirts.

So, friends, enjoy your picnic. Some Americans will celebrate other things on Labor Day besides the love of coal profits.

I’m a West Virginian, and I approved this message.

Charleston Daily Mail: “Plaintiffs fight to get Justice Benjamin off appeal”

Massey chairman Blankenship has been trying to get the law changed so he can force Starcher off his case — literally — & finally, someone’s trying to get Blankenship’s personal justice Benjamin off another of his cases.

This is so not funny. Blankenship(Massey)’s lawsuits would make him look like a crank if it weren’t for the fact that he bought one judge (I bet that’s how you become one of the “Friends of Coal”) and is planning to try to buy another to replace Starcher.

When Blankenship controls the state Supreme Court, then what? I just know he wants the governorship. We’ve become — well, remained — a poor state by being “friends of coal,” so I suppose we deserve him.