#Pitchwars Bio

Ahem. I’m feeling a little left out. And someone demanding these bios is a prospective mentor, so I am hereby COMPLYING.

A Brief Bio of Me:

Category: Places I have lived.
East coast (Delaware!), West coast (California, Oregon), the Midwest (Ohio, West Virginia).

Category: Hobbies, skills.
Words. Doing things left-handed, but never a circular saw. Unicycle riding (yes, indeed, I was that weird kid) Killer sudoku. DIY art and craft. Scrabble. Film photography. Cooking cicadas–well once, since you have to wait 17 years to make the recipe again. Comic-making.

Category: Jobs I have had.
Golf pro shop clerk, gherkin packer at a Vlasic plant, telemarketer selling some bullshit scammy “product”, many miserable office positions, temping, microfilming, singing waitress (bad idea, job giver of yore) paper-pushing.
Job I have now: small business owner. Pros: you are the boss. Cons: you are the boss.

Category: Writing.
Member of: SCBWI (DE/MD/WV), WV Writers Association, one awesome RL critique group, Scribophile.
How I write: in a super-stripped-down freeware program called Rough Draft. Don’t even think about curly quotes or color-coding shit.
When: 6:00-7:30 a.m. weekdays, plus Saturdays.
What: my current manuscript & pitchwars sub is about my fifth or sixth completed novel. I started on NaNoWriMo in 2004, and man, was there a lot to learn about how to write a novel. I’m almost there.
The current MS is the second with this main character; the first book I wrote was flawed but probably funnier. I am in the early stage of another novel with Penny, aka Queasy, the existentially nauseated teen who only wants to know what’s really going on. I wrote a pretty lame query; the novel is serious and somewhat complex, running on the themes of family pathologies, loss, big mysteries, first love, how bad people can sometimes be good, and a number of other things. Plus a lot of things, both literal and figurative, are lost or disappear during the story.

Category: Music.
Music I listen to now: Alison Moorer, Gillian Welch, Devotchka, Rasputina, Wilco, The Mountain Goats, The Drive-By Truckers. I know, I can’t keep up. These kids with their new music.

Category: Reading.
Favorite books. All of them, Katie.
Book I hated. None.
Influential writers (for my writing): Raymond Carver, Grace Paley, Kurt Vonnegut, Tillie Olsen. I spent decades reading short stories. Not that it always shows.
Mysteriously compelling ones: Michael Kohlhaus (Kleist), Left Hand of Darkness (LeGuin), The Edible Woman (Atwood), Jane Eyre, Berton Roeche essays. Honestly, I’d have to write an book about what I love about these works and authors.

And that’s it. My blog goes back many years, to my mommyblog days. You can read it. I ported it from blogger a couple years back and some posts and all the pictures are lost.

I love West Virginia
because of this: Mountain Stage

on Sunday night I heard:
Jim Bianco
the Lee Boys
Malcolm Holcomb
James McMurty
and (the reason I bought tickets)
Shelby Lynne!!!

I couldn’t begin to list the bands and artists I’ve seen & heard perform there over the years.

Their website is kind of cool – links to artists, broadcasts of old shows, and other stuff.

This blog is such a lonesome place.

Here’s some fresh air
New (to me):
Site: Feministing I especially enjoy the Target: Women videos.

Music: Rasputina Oh Perilous World
It makes me smile when I listen to it.

Author: Jared Diamond
Guns, Germs and Steel (so many things are illuminated by these theories)
I suppose it’s Collapse that has a chapter on the corporate behavior of mining, coal & oil companies. He’s pretty far off the mark in regards to the coal companies.

I would talk about Joe Manchin’s speech at the Democratic convention but I missed it. I’m happy about Biden as the VP pick, although as a Delaware native, I might be a little partial. HRC neatly flipped off the Dem. Clinton-haters by being so awesome (I know, I know, she’s still secretly an evil, power-ravenous bitch) on her two nights. I’m also glad I missed Jay Rockefeller’s speech. I just don’t like that man.

Oh and here’s a local guy I’m supporting: Kim Wolfe for Mayor This town is so ready for some new people and new ideas.