I love West Virginia
because of this: Mountain Stage

on Sunday night I heard:
Jim Bianco
the Lee Boys
Malcolm Holcomb
James McMurty
and (the reason I bought tickets)
Shelby Lynne!!!

I couldn’t begin to list the bands and artists I’ve seen & heard perform there over the years.

Their website is kind of cool – links to artists, broadcasts of old shows, and other stuff.

Why I still love (and hate) my redneck, intolerant, xenophobic part of the country:

It produces people like this: Joe Bageant

Although I sometimes feel like Red Green does about his manhood: “I’m a hillbilly, but I can change. I guess. If I have to.”

I’m not really a hillbilly, but it’s in me. I have lived here in WV as long as I’ve lived anywhere. I’m one of those mutts, Joe, so I hear ya. We’ve got lots of bad habits and not many good ones. But dammit, that’s who we are. (Unwarranted self-confidence, is that one of our character traits?)

How did I get here? I ask myself that quite a lot, actually. My hometown in the East was lacking something for me. I couldn’t see myself long in it. In high school, I never had a date that included conversation. Only drinking, dope, and/or sex. (Just kidding, kids). My girlfriends were good sensible girls, but most fit into the category whose senior ambition was “To marry Buddy and make him happy,” rather than my category, which was “To get the hell out of this town.” Ten years in Southern California nearly killed me with beauty, wealth and good weather, because the orange sellers made me want to cry or write protest songs. Now I am back in the home of my fathers and mothers, watching the last gasp of Appalachia as part of America. Do I fit better here than in the other places? Not really.

Dirty Coal (Bowl) Weekend
Let’s hear it for what shall be known (by me) as the Dirty Coal Bowl. It sounds so much more like a street brawl! And it’s way more accurate.

I’ve never seen such a sheepish, ‘unhappy to be here’ shill in my life as “Friend of Coal” Coach Pruett last year at the DCB. I think Don Nehlen or somebody like that stood with him and awkwardly praised the industry. I dunno, maybe all ex-coaches in WV are friends of coal.

Maybe this will be Marshall’s year. I’ll be watching it.

This blog is such a lonesome place.

Here’s some fresh air
New (to me):
Site: Feministing I especially enjoy the Target: Women videos.

Music: Rasputina Oh Perilous World
It makes me smile when I listen to it.

Author: Jared Diamond
Guns, Germs and Steel (so many things are illuminated by these theories)
I suppose it’s Collapse that has a chapter on the corporate behavior of mining, coal & oil companies. He’s pretty far off the mark in regards to the coal companies.

I would talk about Joe Manchin’s speech at the Democratic convention but I missed it. I’m happy about Biden as the VP pick, although as a Delaware native, I might be a little partial. HRC neatly flipped off the Dem. Clinton-haters by being so awesome (I know, I know, she’s still secretly an evil, power-ravenous bitch) on her two nights. I’m also glad I missed Jay Rockefeller’s speech. I just don’t like that man.

Oh and here’s a local guy I’m supporting: Kim Wolfe for Mayor This town is so ready for some new people and new ideas.


Things I love about West Virginia
1. Last Sunday morning I drove my husband to the airport to catch a flight to Austin via Cincinnati (one of 4 cities you can get to directly from the local airport). His flight was scheduled at 7:10 a.m. We left our house at 6:22 a.m. At the airport, I parked, walked with him into the terminal, said goodbye, went back to my car, paid a buck to get out of the lot, drove home, and was reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee by 7:02 a.m.

I hope to post more on this subject. I am disheartened by the revival of the hillbilly stereotypes in recent news. Here begins a response.